One Day Retreat


Map of Buln Buln, VIC
68 Gray's Rd, Buln Buln, VIC, 3821
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Sunday, 16 Nov 2014
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You Are Shiva!

Didn't You Know That?

Many people pay lip-service to the Oneness of everything.  There are

Buddhist jokes, Zen sayings, Yoga itself means the unity of all... but

how often do we consider what it really means in our own life, if "all

is One"?  Much less often do we even remotely consider that our own self

must somehow also be The One Self. 

Where do people's horrible egos fit in there, though?  If we are all

ONE, then how come I feel so seperate?  If we are all ONE, what about

death and suffering?  If we are all ONE, how come I get hurt by people? 

If we are all ONE, how do I get from this part to the whole?

For this workday, you'll have the beautiful environs of

peaceful green hills that soothe the eye, the heart, the mind and the

soul.  Our fabulous yoga space is a surprising venue - a former dairy

that looks so directly into the countryside that you feel a part of it. 

So easy to feel the oneness of self, land, and beast, and experience

the community of oneness as we explore together.

Join us in beautiful Buln Buln, as we gaze out over the foothills of

Mt. Baw Baw and the rolling green fields of the West Gippsland


Led by Swami Shantananda, with Swami Karundananda and Saraswati Dawson.


Included for $145

Cost includes program and refreshments.  Please bring a plate to share for lunch (no cafes nearby!).