Master Classes with Simon Park


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186 Memorial Drive, Eumundi, QLD, 4562
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Friday, 19 Apr 2013 to Sunday, 21 Apr 2013
$40 per class or $130 for all four.
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Master Classes with Simon Park

Friday 19 April, 6-8.30pm / $40

VINYASA AT THE SPEED OF SOUND - A shakti-fied dynamic interplay between Simon Park, an electrifying asana soundtrack, and you! Explore new + empowering dimensions in your practice, as you journey through radical, fluid asana infused with Bhakti devotion.  This alchemical fusion incorporates energetically aligned spiraling and circular movements; creative namaskars, playful inversions, arm balancing, deep hip-opening and liquid backbends to pranify your soul.


Saturday 20 April, 10.00am-12.30pm / $40

FLUID POWER - The physicists and the sages have greed that life is dynamic motion. From the water with which our fluid bodies are comprised, to the sub-atomic quantum field, wave motion is the expression of life. Explore the three-part approach within Prana Flow to thawing asanas and awakening the natural, healing power of wave motion in a dynamic, rhythmic flow that intelligently challenges all levels of yogic surfers.


Saturday 20 April, 2.30-5pm / $40

ASSISTS with THAI MASSAGE - For teachers, bodyworkers and students. This ancient art form is as expansive as the Yoga tradition, while being fully compatible and complimentary. Learn about the amazing system of energy flows and pressure points, and the systematic method of healing touch that is Thai Massage.  Understand how to assimilate the wisdom of Thai Massage into the practice of Yoga by applying effective, supportive techniques with a skillful, energetic touch.


Sunday 21 April, 10.00am-12.30pm/ $40

LIQUID FLOW YOGA / Restore your Prana

Enjoy a slowly developing, flowing sequence of postures that are restorative in nature, yet heart-opening as well. Practice in a way that creates space in the joints and spine, and calms the nervous system. The movements are similar to the way tai-chi is practiced; slow, methodical and meditative. We will fluidly work toward deep hip-openers, liberating backbends, and calming forward bends moving toward deep relaxation.

Included for $40 per class or $130 for all four.

$40 per class or $130 for all four.