Relax, Unwind and Rejuvenate
Relax, Unwind and Rejuvenate


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183 Pitt Town Rd, Kenthurst, NSW, 2156, Australia
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Friday, 28 Oct 2016 to Sunday, 30 Oct 2016
$450, early bird paid by 15th September $420
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"Due to life's conditioning we are not always holding the feelings, thoughts and actions we wish, this affects the function of the energy centres and all systems of the body. Leaving us with dis-harmony, imbalance and even illness". 

 Join Natalie Almond on this serious but fun retreat as we  focus on  energising, balancing and reprogramming the chakras.

Chakra means spinning wheel, this spinning creates energy; chakras are the energetic, power stations of the body. 

Each chakra is connected to an endocrine gland and it is the energy between the Chakra's nerve and gland that creates this wheel of energy.
When the chakras are in closer balance with each other we become more satisfied and healthier in all three aspects of the self.
The 7 main chakras running up the spine relate to different aspects of ourselves.

Using the chakras we will re-program the way we want to feel and act and change what we bring into our lives.
We will use beeja sound for each chakra, meditate, practice yoga asanas, partner stretch, movement and plenty of fun releasing exercises.

One hour north-west from Sydney’s centre in 60 acres of bush land.

Heat up in the steam room, cool off in the swimming pool, and relax in the spa.
​Connect with nature on bushwalks and just give yourself the time to relax and unwind.
Enjoy delicious traditional vegetarian Indian meals.
The accommodation is twin share with your own bathroom, all bedding and towels provided.
Arrive from the 5pm Friday to be ready for a 6pm start activating the base chakra.

Included for $450, early bird paid by 15th September $420

Twin Share AccommodationAll linen supplied Three vegetarian mealsAll ClassesNLP, Time Line Therapy and Massage available at extra cost

Schedule / Itinerary

Arrive from 5pm.
6pm                           Base Chakra Mooladhara Earth
7.30pm                      Dinner

6am                          Second Chakra Swadhisthana Water
8am                          Breakfast
11am                         Third Chakra Manipura Fire
1pm                          Lunch
4pm                          Fourth Chakra Anahata Air
6.30pm                     Dinner

6am                          Fifth Chakra Vishuddhi Ether
8am                          Breakfast
9.30am                     Sixth Chakra Ajna Consciousness
11.30pm                    Rest
12.30                        Seventh Chakra Sahasrara and co-habation of all chakras
1.30                          Lunch
3pm                          Go home feeling transformed