Winter Workshop


Map of Kundabung, NSW
286 , Silo Road, Kundabung, NSW, 2441, au
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Tuesday, 14 Jun 2016 to Sunday, 19 Jun 2016
$420 plus $60 for food
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In the mornings in Winter we do a different element yoga each day. We start with Water as this is the element that is dominant in this season. The next day we do the life element Akasha or Wood, as Water generates Wood. The next day we do Fire, as Wood generates Fire. The next day Earth, as Fire generates Earth. Then Air as Earth generates Air. On the last day we compleete the cycle by coming back to the Winter element  Water, as Air generates Water.

 In the afternoons we do theory and prana sesitivity and development.

At night we work on the "internal fires", what my Tibetan teachers call Tu Mo, which we use to acess Ancesral patterns and to help raise the Kundalini.

Included for $420 plus $60 for food

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