2012 National Yoga Teachers Conference


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55 North Steyne, Manly, NSW, 2095, Australia
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Saturday, 28 Apr 2012 to Sunday, 29 Apr 2012

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What better way to support your teaching and professional development this year than to attend the Yoga Australia Teachers’ Conference? The conference is for all yoga teachers. The theme – Unity in Diversity – honours all yoga traditions, styles and teachers.

2012 National Yoga Teachers' Conference
Saturday & Sunday 28 - 29 April, 2012
Novotel Sydney, Manly Pacific.
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Highlights include:

  • Leading keynote speakers – Swami Shankarananda, Mary Keizer and Swami Satyadharma
  • Six master-classes
  • More than 20 presenters over the two days
  • Teaching specialisation
  • Workshops on philosophy, practices, teaching skills and the latest science
  • Yoga Australia members will receive 12 CPD points by attending
  • View Yoga Australia's complete conference program– click here for all the details.

Keynote Speakers:

This annual event will feature Swami Shankarananda, the director of the Shiva Ashram near Melbourne and one of Australia’s leading spiritual masters. He is part of the lineage of the great yogis Bhagavan Nityananda and Baba Muktananda. Over the last 40 years, Swamiji has awakened thousands of seekers by means of Shaktipatdiksha

Swamiji will present The 21st century Yoga teacher in the West - What are the needs and expectations of most of our students? - How much can we guide those expectations to align them with Yoga’s authenticity - What do we need to know to be an effective teacher in our community, providing for the expectations of students and our professional requirements, while honouring the authentic tradition(s) of Yoga? - How can we integrate all this into our teaching?

Learn how Swamiji has the gift of divinizing the mundane. His teachings are both wise and practical, giving his students the inspiration and tools to bring spirituality into everyday life.


Meet Swami Satyadharma, whose breadth and depth of experience and detailed knowledge of the subtle aspects of yoga practice and philosophies is a great and rare gift. She will be presenting ‘An Authentic Teacher Grows from an Authentic Personal Practice’.

With yoga’s popularity comes many teachers types. Some merely teach what they have learned. Others practice what they teach, and a rare few live what they teach. The authentic yoga teacher is one whose lifestyle and teaching is a reflection of his or her personal practice. Such teachers are difficult to find, because a regular yoga practice requires a high level of commitment. The entire lifestyle, including diet, recreation and social interaction, must also be regulated and tailored to make room in each day for the practice, so there will be no feeling of rush, stress or fatigue.

However, the effort required is worthwhile because a balanced personal practice is the gateway to yoga. The teacher who follows this path imbibes yoga at a deeper level, and is able to understand and guide the practices in a correct and meaningful way for every type of student.

Swami Satyadharma Saraswati was born in the USA, and resided in India continuously for 35 years as a Sannyasin, spiritual renunciate, and teacher of Yogic Science. She is a highly experienced practitioner and teacher of the classical yogic systems within Satyananda Yoga. She has spent many years under the direct tutelage of Paramahamsa Satyananda, and his chief successor Swami Niranjanananda. During this time she has played a key role in the development of the Bihar School of Yoga as well as the Bihar Yoga Bharati, the world’s first Yogic University.

Since the year 2000, in accordance with her guru’s mandate, she spends part of each year, touring overseas, delivering workshops and seminars. She has been personally chosen by Swami Niranjanananda as the official Yoga Ambassador to formally represent Satyananda/Bihar Yoga internationally (specifically in South East Asia and Australasia).


Mary Keizer has been a Yoga practitioner for over 50 years.

Early in life she questioned how humans could move from chaos to harmonious relationship and wellbeing, which led to the study of yoga, naturopathy, massage and the human condition. In 1974 she commenced life-transforming study with T.K.V.Desikachar, with whom she studied for many years. In the 1980′s she studied Western Philosophy at Deakin University.

Mary now teaches in her studio on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, conducting private classes, small groups, teacher training and regular dialogue groups, using them as a mirror and jumping ground for self-reflection and change within ourselves.

Yoga – A Body of Wisdom and Practical Guide to Self-Understanding. Each one of us can nurture the soil for the Flowering of Wisdom within ourselves through yoga’s rich and long standing insights.

Can we, as teachers, assist our students to see for themselves those obstacles that obscure this Flowering?


About Yoga Australia

Yoga Australia is dedicated to serve the timeless tradition of yoga by uniting and representing yoga teachers from all traditions and styles in Australia. We are also dedicated to serve the general public by assisting them to develop a deeper understanding and knowledge of yoga and meditation.

Yoga Australia is a voluntary, non-profit association, incorporated in 1999 (originally known as the Yoga Teachers Association), by a group of independent yoga teachers who recognised the need to bring yoga teachers together from all different traditions, styles and backgrounds, to provide mutual support and professional recognition of yoga in Australia. This was a step towards the development of an independent self-regulation of the profession of yoga teaching in Australia.

In the years since it was first incorporated, the Association continues with this primary objective and mission, and has now grown to become recognised as the "industry peak-body" of yoga in Australia. Now known as Yoga Australia, the Association provides a variety of benefits to members, including professional support networks, the development of recognised training requirements, support for continuing professional development, assistance with the promotion of yoga in general, and the work of each member in particular. A range of further benefits for members can been found here.