Yoga classes in Wetherill Park, NSW on Tuesday at 3:00pm

  1. 6:00 pmBeginnersIlluminate Yoga1h--
    Illuminate Yoga
    6:00 pm Beginners for 1h at Illuminate Yoga (Wetherill Park)

    6 week Absolute Beginners Series. Drop ins welcome!

  2. 6:15 pmHathaYogaVibe @ Wetherill Park1h--
    YogaVibe @ Wetherill Park
    6:15 pm Hatha for 1h at YogaVibe @ Wetherill Park (Wetherill Park)


  3. 6:30 pmVinyasaWinston Hills Yoga & Natural Therapies1h 15mAnita
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    6:30 pm Vinyasa for 1h 15m with Anita at Winston Hills Yoga & Natural Therapies (Winston Hills)

    Beginners flow style class - build strength and get a bit of a work out!

  4. 7:00 pmYoga in Daily LifeYoga in Daily Life - Merrylands1h 30mSarasvati
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    7:00 pm Yoga in Daily Life for 1h 30m with Sarasvati at Yoga in Daily Life - Merrylands (Merrylands)
  5. 7:15 pmDynamicIlluminate Yoga1h 15m--
    Illuminate Yoga
    7:15 pm Dynamic for 1h 15m at Illuminate Yoga (Wetherill Park)
  6. 7:30 pmHathaYogaVibe @ Wetherill Park1h 30m--
    YogaVibe @ Wetherill Park
    7:30 pm Hatha for 1h 30m at YogaVibe @ Wetherill Park (Wetherill Park)


  7. 7:30 pmHathaBack to Basics Health and Exercise1hBack to Basics Health and Exercise
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    7:30 pm Hatha for 1h with Back to Basics Health and Exercise

    Our hatha yoga class Parramatta is an almost-perfect fitness routine, which gives people of all ages the means to get and remain in shape.