Yoga classes in Byron Bay on Wednesday at 9:00am

  1. 9:30 amMums and BubsRed Tent Yoga1hEmma Grant
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    9:30 am Mums and Bubs for 1h with Emma Grant at Red Tent Yoga (Byron Bay)

    Mums and Older Bubs/Toddler 5 Week Yoga Course - Crawling to 4 years

  2. 10:00 amAshtangaAshtanga Yoga Shala Byron Bay2hJack
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    10:00 am Ashtanga for 2h with Jack at Ashtanga Yoga Shala Byron Bay (Byron Bay)
  3. 11:00 amMums and BubsRed Tent Yoga1h 30mEmma Grant
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    11:00 am Mums and Bubs for 1h 30m with Emma Grant at Red Tent Yoga (Byron Bay)

    Mums and Bubs Yoga 5 Week Course- 10 weeks to 9 months

  4. 1:00 pmMassageRed Tent Yoga4hCommunity Massage
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    1:00 pm Massage for 4h with Community Massage at Red Tent Yoga (Byron Bay)

    $35 sessions, drop-in for appointment on the day or call 0490 551 186

  5. 5:45 pmiRest Yoga Nidra®Red Tent Yoga1h 15mMonica Schweickle
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    5:45 pm iRest Yoga Nidra® for 1h 15m with Monica Schweickle at Red Tent Yoga (Byron Bay)

    Experience I-Rest Yoga Nidra in this sublime deep relaxation that deeply restores the nervous system, relieves stress and trauma. 6 week Courses available

  6. 7:00 pmDynamicVoiceMoves2hVoiceMoves
    7:00 pm Dynamic for 2h with VoiceMoves


  7. 7:00 pmMeditationShakti Yoga1h 30mElana de Veaux
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    7:00 pm Meditation for 1h 30m with Elana de Veaux at Shakti Yoga (Byron Bay)

    This session explores Pranayam, Mantra and Meditation practices. It will benefit those wishing to deepen their yoga practice and attain equanimity and bliss.