Yoga classes in Brunswick Heads, NSW on Tuesday at 3:00pm

  1. 5:30 pm--Red Tent Yoga1h 30m--
    Red Tent Yoga
    5:30 pm for 1h 30m at Red Tent Yoga (Byron Bay)

    Women's Yoga - Honour Your Body with a transformative cllass using sound & tantric practices.

  2. 5:30 pmDruThe Yellow Church Yoga & Natural Health Centre1h 30mDiana Ewing
    { last: 'Ewing', first: 'Diana' }
    5:30 pm Dru for 1h 30m with Diana Ewing at The Yellow Church Yoga & Natural Health Centre (Mullumbimby)

    Dru yoga is a gentle practice of flowing movements in a set structure to release physical and emotional blockages in the body. It can be very helpful for those who have experienced trauma or who have emotional dispositions. The emphasis of Dru is to bring us back to the deep still point inside whilst making a deep connection with our essential nature.