Angel Yoga 4 Kids Adults & Families Teacher Training

over 15 years experience. Learn all aspects of responsibly teaching yoga to kids through theory and practical experience. Training in Brisbane, Gold Coast, thorughout Queensland, Melbourne, Adelaide


Learn to give a life time Gift to children......Learn to teach them Yoga.

Yoga Teacher training offered in Brisbane,  Melbourne and by Correspondence, Home Study to all of Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Asia.

AYKAF Foundation - 3 Levels of Teacher Training

Angel Yoga 4 Kids Teacher Training is comprehensive, covering yoga for children from the ages of 2 to 16, in all environments as well as for those children with special needs. AYK TT is sutable for any professional wishing to bring yoga into their work with kids.

LEVEL 1 is ideal for yoga teachers, school teachers, parents, grandparents and professionals working with children. It focusses on teaching yoga to early childhood children and an introduction to yoga for primary school aged children through to teenagers. Level 1 also covers how to cater for different learning styles and preparing yoga sessions.

LEVEL 2 focusses on teaching yoga classes to children under the age of 12. It covers many aspects of teaching yoga to primary aged children including teaching in the classroom, music therapy, many yoga postures, partner work, yoga games, yoga art, detailed class structuring, preparing workshops and much more.

LEVEL 3 is for those intending to teach yoga classes to teenagers, families and special needs. Training includes mantras, advanced yoga poses, yoga nidra for teenagers, chakra balancing, yoga for special needs, mudra, mantra and chanting, yoga dance and much more.


Speciality Modules

Credit Hours: 32

Each participant is required to complete 4 Specialty Modules.

Each module is 6 class hours with at-home practice of 2 hours for a total of 8hours.

It is highly recommended that Foundation Program AYK 1-3 is taken before the modules, although depending on training, experience and circumstances some students may begin with modules and complete Foundation training later.

Module 1 (Level 4)

Anatomy & Physiology relating to Kids & Teens yoga - 4 hours

Asana analysis, benefits and practice 2 hours


Module 2 (Level 5)

Yoga Philosophy for Kids 2 hours

Yoga Dance for kids 2 - 8 years 1 hour

Class themes, all ages 1 hours

Family Yoga Class Plans 2 hours


Module 3 (Level 6)

Yoga Dance & Vinyasa for Teens 2 hours

Holiday Workshop Themes & Plans 1 hours

Yoga Philosophy for Tweens & Teens 2 hours

Yoga Business 1 hours


Module 4 (Level 7)

Special Needs, 6 hours


AYK Practical Program (Level 8)

Credit Hours: 25

All students are required, as part of the training, to do practical experience. You are required to attend classes and workshops with a AYK Yoga Teacher if possible.

6 hours observing,of which 4 (if physically possible), with AYK Yoga Teacher, the other 2 with professionally trained kids yoga teacher in your area.

You are required to help prepare, facilitate classes for all ages from 2 - 15 and communicate with parents of kids attending classes. 19 hours of teaching, of which 6 (if physically possible), with AYK Yoga Teacher and at least 13 as a lead teacher.

Record of Observing and Teacher hours to be kept, witnessed and submitted.


Home Assignments

Home assignments will be issued after each workshop which all students are required to complete and submit, by email before attending the next workshop.

Course materials: Detailed manuals on level 1 - 3, work sheets for specialised modules, Children’s Yoga CD and some tools to get started are included in full course costs. ie AYK TT Prep course and AYK Certification Course. Additional materials you will be expected to purchase are yoga music, yoga cards, game tools, listening tools and specific yoga books, which can be purchased from the shop.

Checklist for Completion:

AYK Foundation Program level 1-3 (35 Hours)

4 x 8 hour Specialty Modules (32Hours)

At-Home Mentorship Program (25 Hours)

Home assignments

Total: 92 Hours

Certification Awarded

Once completed, the status of RCFYT (Registered Children Family Yoga Teacher) with AYKAF is awarded and you will be listed on our website as a Qualified and Registered Kid Yoga Teacher. You can also apply to be registered with Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia as RCYT as our course meets industry requirements. If you are a registered Yoga Australia member you can apply to receive CDP (Continuing Development Points) with YA.

AYK reserves the right to change the date of workshops. Also to cancel workshops that do not have more than 8 people booked. Course material also may change due to industry standard requirements.


Foundation Course $1145

Certification Modules $1325

Total fee $2470

10% discount for payment up front for foundation and certification course. Discounted fee $2247


Payment plans can also be arranged through direct debit:

Deposit of $250 to secure your place in the full course

Monthly payments of $237 for 10 months.

(Please note the payment plan is $150 dollars extra to cover administration fees)

All fees are tax deductable

CPD points for Yoga Australia members on all 3 levels.. Angel Yoga 4 Kids Adults & Families is one of the longest running and most professional kids yoga teacher training programs in Australia. With hundreds of AYKAF graduates, some now teahcing yoga to kids in their professional fields, in yoga classes of their own, in schools and kindies, or as AYKAF instructors.Our training manuals provided a wealth of stimulation, class ideas and reference material making preparation of classes easy and interesting.

Opportunities to work for Angel Yoga 4 Kids is available to the right graduated students.

AYK License opportunities are available at very affordable fees and many benefits to help you build your business quickly and give you on going discount's to further training.

AYK can also help our graduates find work in their local areas and we are currently incorporating a directory page of AYK graduated teachers into our website.

AYK TT also present's training workshops to private groups such as kindergartens and child care associations, primary and  secondary schools, sporting organisations and yoga schools/studios inter and intrastate. 

Interactive, fun, holistic and creative yoga for Kids Teacher Training
For full information on each level and cost's please contact Dani Reidy  0412564757


December 21, 2013

 Dani, I am so lucky to have been under your guidance during such a difficult time with my health and family and, at a time where I felt there was very little opportunity for me to be successful and effective in my work. I admire your work and value greatly the time, energy and effort that you have contributed to my world. Your teaching will stay with me.

Thankyou so very much.

Love, Kelly. Xx

 18 December 2013

"Dani Reidy is the

founder of Angel Yoga 4 Kids. She has been teaching yoga to children 14

years. In that time there is very little she hasn't encountered in her

classes. Her calming energy is a true inspiration. Heading towards

retirement now though, Dani teaches very few children's yoga classes today.

Instead she has turned her energy towards raising a new generation of yoga

teachers, to whom she offers endless support and mentoring. Each teacher

runs their own independent business, but we are offered the opportunity to

join the Angel Yoga 4 Kids network of teachers. As a network we work

together to share ideas and support each other, continually updating our

skills to deliver the best quality Children's Yoga Classes. It is with

great pride that I identify as an Angel Yoga 4 Kids Facilitator."

Tess Steele   AYK Licensed Facilitator


Hello Dani,

Just a quick note, to thank you so much, for a great day on Sunday.

I thoroughly enjoyed the training, and have already had a chance to have some fun with my little girl.

Yesterday before her daytime nap, I also played one of your yoga songs and did some rainbows over our bodies at the end. I had to go and check on her a few time because I have never seen her rest so peacefully. She did not move for 2 hours!

I look forward to trying out the homework meditation and affirmations I have started preparing on her tonight. It is nice to have a little test subject.

With kindest regards,



Thanks for an inspiring workshop last Sunday. I really enjoyed the day. I even enjoyed the assignments:-)  Thanks so much. Also I've had another look on your web site for the level 2 and 3 workshops.But most keen on the teenager workshop. Wish you had them more frequent! Thanks again.

Kindly yours,

Laurinda Janlewicz


Hi Dani,

I would like to thank you again for a brilliant Sunday. I had so much fun and was just buzzing when I left there, thinking about all the amazing things I could do with the kids. I really feel there could be a huge overlap between yoga for kids and some of the activities we do with them from a therapy point of view to work on gross motor skills, sensory processing, self soothing, increasing tone and many other areas. So thank you for introducing me to another vehicle I can use to work with the kids.

I hope you have a great week and I look forward to connecting again soon.

Thank you again for re-lighting my spark and passion to work with children.

Cheers, Mia



Thanks Dani.
You have really brought this part of me to the surface. Thank you.
And thank you for giving me the opportunity to teach and learn. I can't
believe how much I have changed in such a short time - and I know there
is more to come!

Have a good weekend and I'll see you Tuesday.


Student Yoga Teacher  12.6.09


I had a great time on Saturday. 

The day was very informative and for me it really clarified and cemented the benefits of yoga for today's kids.  Personally I know its benefits, but I probably hadn't thought too deeply about what life is like for school kids these days.

I enjoyed the role playing in the classes and I thought that was a really good teaching device.  It made me realise how out of touch I am with school age kids - I had absolutely no idea what they would be acting like! 

I really enjoyed it.   

Alison Rodd  14.12.09


It was wonderful! Really fun. I was probably laughing too much and enjoying acting like a kid again, but I also learnt a lot! I thought the day was structured really well. You have fantastic resources.

Overall it was a 10 outa 10 day. After spending the day with you I can really see and appreciate how teaching yoga to kids can keep you young. I loved it.

 Thankyou so much Dani!


Amanda  19.12.10

Hi Dani,

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to do the two night workshop with you. I would love to do level two also


Cherie Jenkins 31.7.09

Dani Reidy

Angel Yoga 4 Kids Teacher Training

posted by Dani Reidy · 2 years ago
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