Yoga, Meditation and Green Salad on the Side - A Dish of Wellbeing

Dr Oliver Rivers brings the message of yoga in a colourful holistic approach, presenting complex philosophical and practical material in laid back terms and with humour

14 Jul
15 Jul



Introducing Sunray Workshops to Sydney:

Yoga and wellbeing workshop

$79 total for two days!! (Regular price $285)

8am - 5pm both days


Yoga, meditation and green salad on the side- a dish of wellbeing

Yoga is an ancient and complete science of life that originated in India. It offers a profound understanding of our essential nature and the interrelationship between body and mind- thus, it brings us back to harmony, balance, physical health and peace of mind, which yoga views as our true nature. In this workshop we combine yoga, guidance towards a yogic diet, yogic breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation exercises as important key elements of wellbeing. We instruct SIVANANDA yoga combined with traditional Hatha yoga- the classical tradition of Indian yogis and the basis for all modern styles of yoga. Our practice focuses on preserving the health and wellness of the practitioner while retaining the vitality of the body as a constant on the health’s ease-dis-ease continuum (ease-disease). This happens simply and naturally by cultivating the body and the mind. The SIVANANDA philosophy of wellbeing recommends the following 5 basic principles: proper exercise, proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper diet, positive thinking (and meditation). Meditation and related relaxation techniques have scientifically shown to be highly beneficial to health, promoting inner peace, better sleep, concentration, mind power and mental focus- all of which are discussed and experienced during this workshop. As part of our positive thinking techniques, we will introduce Neuroplasticity (‘Plasticity’ relates to the dynamic process in the brain of learning) as an introduction to learning powerful tools to create a completely new life ‘story’ (that determines the way we perceive and interpret our life events). During your time at “A dish of wellbeing”, you will receive practical information on the relationship of diet and health, as well as step by step guidance to a balanced yogic “Sattvic” natural diet and life style. A yogic diet nourishes the body while calming and purifying the mind. The Sattvic diet is based on “Alkaline” fresh, light and highly nutritious food that keeps the body lean and limber and the mind clear and sharp. We also suggest how to change your diet gradually rather than dramatically in order to be able to sustain this life change long term. This workshop involves a combination of individual and group work, as well as group discussions.

$79 covers the cost of the workshop

Herbal tea provided

Bring your own yoga mat (otherwise, let us know and we can provide)

Bring your own blanket (If required)

Bring your own bolsters (If required. Cushions provided)

Bring note pad and pen

Ask Sarah about lunch options

8am – 5pm both days


About us

Sunray workshops facilitator Dr Oliver Rivers is a down to earth guy who lives in the real world and presents complex philosophical and practical material in laid back terms and with humour. Oliver engages with his audience, motivating & teaching how to take a giant leap, in order for people to ‘take matters into their own hands’ and create a turning point towards a better life & uncover their full potential.

About Oliver

Oliver has 17 years experience in professional counselling and psychotherapy, working both in Australia and overseas, in hospitals, medical centres and private practice, with individuals and groups.

Oliver's doctoral research and dissertation took place with cancer patients in Austin hospital, Melbourne. He holds a Masters from Lesley University U.S.A and completed a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies at the European Graduate School, Switzerland, in Intermodal Therapies approach. Oliver has taught in various universities such as Lesley University (Netania/Boston), Queen’s College [Melbourne University], International College [Melbourne University], LaTrobe University, RMIT University and MIECAT Melbourne.

Oliver has advanced clinical experience, having worked in institutions specializing in treating Cancer, Cerebral Palsy, trauma and sexually abused patients. He has extensive experience working with adults from diverse cultural backgrounds, with a wide range of issues including identity issues, relationship issues, depression and post traumatic stress disorder. His research interests include the capacity for psychological change, spiritual awareness and self-development.

Influenced also by his extensive studies of Yoga and Buddhism in the Himalayas in India, as a practitioner and a certified yoga teacher, Oliver combines Eastern philosophies and yogic techniques in his experiential workshops.

Hence, Oliver’s great variety of approaches and techniques helps people of all ages overcome fears and emotional barriers that inhibit growth and self-development, and, therefore, allows individuals to uncover their full potential.

Oliver's life philosophy and professional approach is based on a holistic view: natural foods, exercise, yoga and meditation that are combined with spiritual and psychological self-awareness and an on-going pursuit of self-actualization, promoting general wellbeing. Oliver's group workshops ensure that clients receive the skills and knowledge to assist them on their journey towards healing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The group workshops deal with the brain’s negative-wiring and self-harming thoughts that prevent individuals from realizing their inherent power, helping individuals to increase self-esteem and confidence, and assisting them in the discovery of inner peace and happiness. 

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