Wholistic Childbirth Preparation. Weekend Series

An alternative and holistic take on the traditional Childbirth Education course.

04 Aug
18 Aug
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Encompassing study of herbs, homeopathy, accupressure points, folk medicine, yoga and pranayama we aim to facillitate  concious, joyous, transformative childbirth.

This course covers the creation of a birth plan, working out all the aspects and alternatives of a birth, accessing your expectations, desires and philosophies and how best to facilitate them in your choices for birth.

We discuss what is involved in choosing a birth team and have an evening  for partners to attend, to ask questions, to gain insights and to learn tools and techniques that will help make thier role at the birth fulfilling and nourishing for all three of you. 

The presentation of this information comes in combination with the ancient study of yoga, and the very natural marriage that exists between birth and yoga practice. Thus a familiarity grows within us as we combine the pregnant body with the development of knowledgae for the pregnant mind and the soul of the child within.Babies love it when thier mummy breaths.

Yoga is the gateway to the trust, confidence and wisdom that we require to give birth free of fear and pain. (Yes this is possible!)

Knowledge is the defender of calm and reason, keeping anxiety and panic in check and propelling us forward into motherhood in beauty grace and trust.



Price includes all course materials, yoga classes and take home sequences as well as traditional birth knowledge from both Eastern and Western traditions and real life birth stories from my work as a doula and birth advocate. Invaluable and essential, womens story telling is as old as birth itself.


Saturdays 1 – 5 pm

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