The Many Forms of Bhakti

Includes the many forms of Bhakti Yoga, havan & 2 hrs of Kirtans

28 Jul
29 Jul


The Many Forms of Bhakti

Discussion with Sw. Atmamuktananda

A relaxed overnight stay: includes the many forms of Bhakti Yoga, havan & 2 hrs of Kirtans

The ancient purpose of Havan with Mantra is a scientific practice of purification for health, peace, plenty, prosperity, goodwill and protection for all environments.

Havan & Mantra act as a gateway from the ordinary to the higher plans of connectedness to nature and the consciousness. At the time of Swaha all that is no longer useful to our expansion of consciousness is symbolically offered to the fire for transformation.

Kirtan is a part of Nada Yoga (the yoga of sound), in which you produce sound waves and follow them with your awareness. It can provide divine, ecstatic moods, as well as bring peace and focus to the wavering mind.


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