Shadow Yoga full practice with Emma Balnaves

This seven day course will introduce the full practice format of Shadow Yoga: prelude, asana and basic pranayama.

15 Oct
21 Oct
$560 (inc GST) more details below


The three forms of Shadow Yoga are the combination of various warrior (viraparampara) and sun forms

(suryanamaskaras) which act as preludes for the primary, intermediate, and advanced asana-vinyasa.

The prelude and asana-vinyasa are followed by the inverted asanas of the conclusion which lead into

practice of mudra,pranayama and other inner advanced processes like dhyana. The structure of this

practice reflects the quintessential form of the Gayatri mantra, which consists of prelude, mantra and

conclusion (Vyahrti, Gayatri, and Siras). The seven day course will serve to introduce the full practice

format of Shadow Yoga: prelude, asana, and basic pranayama. 


The course is open to all Shadow Yoga practitioners.

Please bring your own mat and/or blanket as no equipment will be supplied for course participants.

For further information visit

Emma Balnaves is director and teacher of Nrtta Sadhana (Nata Yoga) and Shadow Yoga.


Early bird offer $530 incl GST for payments recieved by 14 Sept 2012. Payment by Cheque/ postal order payable to 'Penny Cuthbert', PO Box 581 Dulwich Hill NSW 2203. For  payment by EFT contact


6.30 – 8.30 am daily

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