Deep Rest

Rest deeply with stillness through movement. replenish your reproductive organs and walk out feeling refreshed and restored..Spend an afternoon giving back to yourself, deeply peaceful...

18 Aug
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 Restorative Yoga & Meditation  

 Rest, Restore & Re-connect with Yourself                                             

  • If you experience adrenal/chronic fatigue, stress, burn out, anxiety, depression, insomnia, or simply needing to fill up the empty tank, then this class is for you!
  • Re-balance the mother gland (pituitary), which nourishes all the other glands like the ovaries.
  • Deeply Rest in restorative poses, rejuvenating the body & Mind.
  • Re-connect with the peace and stillness within.

Deep Rest will teach us the 3 main principles of stillness through movement

1. STOP- be with the moment just as it is.

2. LISTEN- to what our body and our wisdom is truly trying to communicate to us.

3. NURTURE- when we stop and then listen we will nurture. When we truly get to nurture ourselves, it is only then that we experience deep stillness & contentment within.


Using the props, they meet the tension in the body, allowing the body to deeply relax, let go and hold on to nothing! We move through a certain sequence that works on releasing tension from the body, restoring adrenal function and stimulating the pituitary gland( mother gland -responsible for the activation of all other glands in the body, and a major contributor to hormonal balance of the reproductive organs).



For more details please contact Tracy 0413940532 or email.





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