500hr Bolivia Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

500Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

03 Jul
01 Aug


In this moon circle, 30 days intensive course, we will learn how to deepen our personally spiritual and mystical practices and share our connection with yoga, healing, ceremony, and the energy of the universal through an experiential and spiritually enriched and mystically oriented curriculum, including but not limited to:

  • Provoking Cosmic Wisdom Seminars
  • Topic-Specific Yoga Workshops
  • Guided Sadhana Yoga Practices
  • Self Exploratory Mystical Yoga Practice
  • Art of Transformation through the Medicine Wheel
  • Experientially Mystical Practice – Journey Skills and OBE (out body experience)
  • Shamanic Healing Arts – Energetic Medicine
  • Personal Retreats – Ayuvasca and other plant medicine ceremony, Caocao ceremony, silence, fasting once we start flying like eagles there will no limits to see and hear and experience the myth and truth

In addition, the intensive nature of our 30 days (a moon circle) mystical yoga and shamanic healing medicine program will take us to many ceremonies – Healing circle of love n light, pretty much every day as a part of healing practice for ourselves, the public, and the environment. We will be dancing, singing, journeying, tuning, and chanting with fire and with our own creation to experience the healing for us and for others and the mother earth. Each of us will lead or partially lead the group through some forms of transfiguration like chakra dance, ‘bone dance,’ and other forms of dance, singing, and meditation so we all become blissed out and into the state of ecstasy. At that state we integrate shamanic healing medicine and transfigure ourselves into the landscape of divine and creation, where everything is possible, the healing, miracles, and manifestations. It is one of focus of this mystical yoga and shamanic healing art training at Lago Titicaca. We will learn, experience and lead ceremony and healing practice in transmutation, soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, extraction, cross-over assistance as a form of psychopomp and conscious dying, etc. In that short period of time we will have so much to experience, to learn, most importantly, to create our own dreams from the place and the state which has unlimited potential when we open and communicate with the wisdom of the universe.

This course will be divided to four circles, seven days for each circle, following the transformative Medicine Wheel. The ancient medicine system practice will guide us, literally, energetically, and spiritually, into personal transformation, transcendence, and transfiguration experiences. The last circle (the last 7 days), we will fly like eagles and we will let eagles guide us wherever we need to go, we may fly like eagle down to the Amazon Jungle to experience medicine there, La Paz, the high Andes energetic medicine, or Tihuanagu ruin, the ancient Ayamara temple.

How to Contact Us

Please contact us best through email

Email: info@schoolyogainstitute.com

(011) country code 603-831-2281 (USA)


Date: Full moon to Full moon
July 3, 2012 Tuesday (starting at 6pm follow by opening fire ceremony)
August 1, 2012, Wednesday (ending at 12am)


Templo de Yoga, Pasada de Lucio,
Challabamba, Isla del Sol, North of Sun Island, Lago Titicaca, Bolivia

Food, Lodgin and Transportation not included (on your own, approximately $1000)

Food is very inexpensive on the island, between $2-5 a plate. There are several restaurants at the village where we will have our yoga teacher training. The typical local food at the village is rice, vegetables, quinoa, pasta, bread, high mountain lake trout, and other food items. We do encourage you to eat vegetarian diet and local diet so you are fully integrated into the yoga culture and local culture. You will be given enough time to have your food on your own.

Lodging is about $2-5 a day but very simple hostel may not have hot water. Pasada de Lucio is where we will have our training and it has 5-10 rooms and shall be able to accommodate all of us if you desire to stay there. We will reserve 10 beds for our training if you decide to stay there or choose else where in the village. It is a very small village, taking 5 minutes you can get to most of lodging locations.

During the last 7 days of the training, the cost will go a bit higher, for examples, travel to La Paz (boat and bus), Amazon Jungles (flight), food, hotel are more expensive.

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